Yellow Triangle

Christy Moore (after Pastor Niemuller – dedicated to the memory of Phyllis McGhee)

Am       F            Am
Black triangle, pink triangle
F            Am
Green triangle, red triangle
F             Am
Blue triangle, lilac triangle
F  G             Am
And they wore the yellow triangle

C            G                 Am
When first they came for the criminals I did not speak
F          C                 G
Then they began to take the Jews
F                     C               G                Am
When they fetched the people who were members of trade unions
F-G        Am
I did not speak
C               G        C                G
When they took the Bible students, rounded up the homosexuals
F               G                 Am
Then they gathered up the immigrants and the gypsies
I did not speak, I did not speak
F          C       E7                F      G       Am
Eventually they came for me and there was no one left to speak