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    “Flying into Mystery” Cover Art

    Dear Listeners,

    David Rooney created the sleeve for my recent album “Flying Into Mystery”.

    He has now released a limited edition of high quality, signed prints which are available from his website.

    A visit to David’s site reveals the extent of his work and what drew me towards our collaboration.

    Check it out! https://www.davidrooney.com/



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    Christy Chat

    9th August 2023

    Sinéad. Our Warrior Woman has been laid to rest. Fearless and Fragile, may She Rest in Peace. We send our condolences to all her Family and Loved Ones I had the privilege of singing with Sinéad on a number of occasions. Always from the heart, always creating magic in the moment. Together we sang Nigel

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    Sleeve Notes

    "On The Road"

    Sleeve notes for "On The Road", Christy's new album, out November 17th

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