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    New Single Out Today

    Dear Listeners,

    Sail on Jimmy is out today.  I just love singing Albert Niland’s song.  More than any other, it has become an instant hit with audiences everywhere. We recorded this version at The Marquee in Cork on June 30th, 2018. 4,000 people, who had never heard the song before, were singing beautifully by the end of the 3rd chorus. It was a joyful and memorable moment … a stand out memory in 52 years of gigging. You can listen to Sail on Jimmy and follow my Spotify playlist HERE.

    Christy x

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    New Album

    "On The Road"

    Christy Chat

    March 2018

    Early 2017 It’s been a long time since the last chat. I tried to start a few times but ran out of steam, ground to a halt. Chats usually come together when I am on the road, away from home for a few days. In recent months all the work has been home based. I

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    Sleeve Notes

    "On The Road"

    Sleeve notes for "On The Road", Christy's new album, out November 17th

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