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    2nd February 2021

    Greetings all you good listeners and songsters.

    Recently I received a gift of songs from a gathering of singers. The original suggestion came from Rory in the Scottish Borders.

    The recordings were edited together by Pat who dwells “over the moon” in Germany.

    It was precious gift which I will always cherish and came at a time when a wind of uplift was greatly appreciated.

    Many different singers from around the world shared versions of songs I have been privileged to sing.

    I thank you all, Pat & Rory in particular.

    I will share below the link for anyone out there who may be interested in hearing the basket of songs I received.


    I am deeply immersed in rehearsals and demos at the moment as I prepare to record an album.

    Some fine songs have come my way this past year. Working on them has given me great purpose. I’ve also written some songs that may make the cut. Also, some traditional songs have come back up before me.

    Circumstance has meant that I only play Solo here in the work room. The songs are developing very much in that format.

    I’ve been absent from the Guestbook on my website for the past two weeks.

    Normal service will be resumed when the muse returns.

    Everybody needs a break.

    For those who did not hear or may have forgotten, we have put 8 lockdown sessions up on my Facebook page & also on YouTube … you can view by clicking HERE or HERE

    Thank you for listening, for your messages of good will, for being there…


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    Bloomsday. June 16th 2020…

    I send best wishes to you all out there. Time to touch base and share what’s going on here in the work room… It’s the first time I’ve had an empty diary since 1966, everything this year has been cancelled.  Like everyone else, I’ve no idea when venues might re-open and when gigs might re-commence.

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    "On The Road"

    Sleeve notes for "On The Road", Christy's new album, out November 17th

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