Peter Gabriel


Six by six from wall to wall

Shutters on the windows, no light at all

Damp on the floor, damp in your bed

They’re trying to drive you crazy get you out of your head

They feed you scraps they feed you lies

To lower your defences, no compromise

There’s nothing you can do, your days are long

Your mind is working overtime your body’s not that strong

Hold on, Hold on

They take you out the light burns your eyes

In the talking room there’s no surprise

Twisted questions clean white coats

Their eyes are as hidden as their Hippocratic oaths

They tell you to behave, behave as their guest

You try to resist them you do your best

They take you to the limit they take you beyond

No matter what they say to you there’s no way to respond

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Hold on

They put you in a box so you can’t be heard

May your spirit be unbroken may you not be deterred, Hold On.

You have gambled with your own night, you spend the night alone

While the builders of the cages sleep with bullets bars and stones

They can’t see the road to freedom you have built with flesh and bone


Though you may disappear

You’re not forgotten here

I will say to you

We will do what we can do




Across the years I have enjoyed singing songs from across the water. Heading to play Glastonbury in 2015 I sought to sing a local song. We worked hard to get “Wallflower” ready for the great event, but when the night arrived I flunked the challenge and reached for some hoary chestnut. Now I feel ready to sing this powerful song from Peter Gabriel.