Trip To Jerusalem

Joe Dolan

I’m a stranger here from Ireland shore
I’ve been on the road six months or more
Hiking, working, travelling in style
I’m a vagabond from Eireann’s Isle
Sunburnt thumb stuck up in the air
Many’s the lift from here to there
I’m cars buses vans and trains
In the punishing heat and the snow and the rain

Whack fol de diddle fol de diro de
Whack fol de diddle fol de dayro
Oh Mrs Dolan
Your son he isn’t working

Came from Dublin to Jerusalem town
Had a drink or two on the journey down
At a railway station called Gare Du Nord
I missed my train through gargling hard
Three days later in Napoli
On a Turkish boat I sailed to sea
Slept in a hot hole down below
Travelling tourist class you know

It was in the Gulf of Aqaba
I met some Paddies and we had a fleadh
Danced through the streets of Eilat town
Sang Sean South Of Garryowen
I was travelling I don’t know
You pack your gear get up and go
Leave the rest for another bout
I could damn well do with a Pint of Stout