The Tuam Beat

Pádraig Stevens


Once upon a golden age

Singin songs was all the rage

Songs for glory songs for fun

Sad songs in the Native Tongue


Upon my solemn oath

There’d be forty verses note for note

Here’s a song to set you free

From all of the auld history


The Tuam Beat goes Sugar Sugar

The heart speaks how’s your Mother

The Tuam Beat goes Shimmy Shammy

The heart speaks how’s your Mammy

Singin the song, singin the song, singin the same old song


Stall her sham you’re only spoofin

You’re huffin and you’re puffin, you’re blowin the roof in

I’ve got electric guitar

With the pickup and the tremolo bar


The workin workin workin man

Are you wide to Paddy Talty’s plan

Boys n Girls twist and shout

Have a bit of fun and dance about


Quarter to eleven off you go

Down the palace not too slow

Heaven’s all across the sky

I declare to god I must reply


The Tinker and the Pavee Sham

Fair play to the Travelling Man

His wheel broke he settled down

He brings beauty to the town




This is a joyful song to sing. Each verse is a story in itself. Jimmy Higgins tuned me into the songs of Pádraig Stevens. Both of them have worked with The Saw Doctors. Good Man Lads.