The People Own MP

Bruce Scott

How many more must die now how many must we lose
Before the island people their own destiny can choose
From immortal Robert Emmet to Bobby Sands MP
Who was given thirty thousand votes while in captivity

No more he’ll hear the lark’s sweet notes upon the Ulster air
Or gaze upon the snowflake to calm his deep despair
Before he went on hunger strike young Bobby did compose
The Rhythm of Time, The Weeping Wind and The Sleeping Rose

He was a poet and a soldier he died courageously
And we gave him thirty thousand votes he was the peoples own MP

Thomas Ashe gave everything in 1917
The Lord Mayor of Cork McSwiney died freedom to obtain
Never a one of all our dead died more courageously
Than Bobby Sands from Twinbrook the people’s own MP

Forever we’ll remember him that man who died in pain
That his country north and south be united once again
To mourn him is to organise and build a movement strong
With ballot box and armalite with music and with song