The Crow In The Cradle

Author Unknown

The sheep’s in the meadow the cows in the corn
Now is the time for a child to be born
He’ll cry for the moon and he’ll laugh at the sun
If it’s a boy he’ll carry a gun
And if it should be that our baby’s a girl
Never you mind if her hair doesn’t curl
With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes
And bombers above her wherever she goes

Sang the crow in the cradle

Your Mammy and Daddy they’ll sweat and they’ll save
Build you a garden and dig you a grave
O-hush-a-bye baby why do you weep
We’ve got a pill that can put you to sleep
Hush-a-bye baby the black and the white
Somebody’s baby was born for to fight
Hush-a-bye-baby the white and the black
Hush-a-bye-baby is not coming back

Bring me a gun and I’ll shoot that bird dead
That’s what your Mammy and Daddy once said
Oh crow in the cradle what shall I do?
That is the question I leave unto you