The Bleacher Lassie Of Kelvinhall

From Mick Moloney (Incomplete Version)

As I went out on a summer’s morning
As I went out by the Broomielaw
It was there I met with a fair young maiden
Her cheeks like roses and her skin like snow

Lassie lassie why do you wander
All alone by the Broomielaw
Sailor sailor the truth I’ll tell you
I’ve a lad of me ain and he’s far awa’

It’s seven long years since I loved that sailor
It’s seven long years since he sailed awa’
Another seven I’ll wait upon him
To be bleaching clothes in the Broomielaw

Lassie lassie you have been faithful
And true to me while I’ve been away
Our true hearts will be rewarded
We’ll part no more from the Broomielaw

For many years now they have been married
They keep an alehouse in Kelvinhall
And the sailor laddies they come calling
On the bleacher lassie from the Broomielaw