Sacco and Vanzetti

Woody Guthrie

C                                 G                        C
Oh say there, did you here the news? Sacco worked at trimming shoes.
C                              G                              C
Vanzetti was a travelling man, pushed his cart round with his hand


F                          C     G         C            C7
Two good men’s a long time gone. Sacco and Vanzetti are gone.
F7                       C           G7             C
Two good men’s long time gone. They left me here to sing this song

Sacco was born across the sea, somewhere over in Italy.
Vanzetti born of parents fine, drank the best Italian wine.

Sacco sailed the sea one day, landed over in the Boston bay.
Vanzetti sailed the ocean blue, ended up in Boston too.


Sacco was a family man, Sacco’s wife three children had
Vanzetti was a dreaming man, his books were always in his hand.

Sacco made his bread and butter being the factory’s best shoe cutter.
Vanzetti worked both day and night, showed the people how to fight.


I’ll tell you if you ask me about the pay-roll robbery.
Two clerks were shot in the shoe factory on the streets of old Braintree

I’ll tell you the prosecutors’ names: Katman, Admans, Williams, Kane.
Them and the judge were the best of friends. Did more tricks than circus clowns

The judge he told his friends around. He’d put them rebels down.
Communist bastards was the name the judge he gave these two fine men.


Vanzetti docked in ’98. Slept along a dirty street.
Showed the people how to organise. Now in the electric chair he dies.

All us people ought to be like Sacco & Vanzetti.
Every day find ways to fight on the union side for the workers’ right


I ain’t got time to tell the tales because the branch and the bulls are on my fail
I won’t forget these men who died to show us people how to live.

All you people in window lane sing this song and sing it plain.
Everybody here tonight singing this song we’ll get it right