Peace in The valley

The Handsome Family

When They close down the last shopping Mall

Crickets will sing through crumbling walls

termites will eat through the doors

as rabbits hop round the shop floors

empty shelves will swarm with bees

cash machines will sprout weeds

lizards will crawl across the parking lot

as birds fly around empty shops


There will be Peace in the valley once again


Wild flowers will grow up the mannequins

painting them with a leafy skin

their plastic eyes will fall to the floor

to be gathered by wild boar

Mirrors will crack in half

as wild horses gallop past

wild doves will build their nests

on the escalator steps


There will be Peace in the valley once again

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Connolleys  of Leap (nr Skibbereen) of a grand Summers evening.We arrived into this music house where we were welcomed and given the best seats in the house-   (2 big armchairs at the front of the balcony). We had never heard  The Handsome Family before and it was a memorable night for us. I recommend their work. Google them.