Off To Sea Once More (Shanghai Browne)

Author Unknown

When first I landed in Liverpool I went upon the spree
My money at last I spent it fast I got as drunk as drunk could be
When my money it was all spent it was then that I wanted more
A man must be blind to make up his mind to go to sea once more

Once more boys once more
To go to sea once more
A man must be blind to make up his mind
To go to sea once more

As I was walking through Liverpool I met with Angeline
She said to me come home with me and we’ll have a cracking good time
When I awoke it was no joke for I was all on my own
My silver watch and my money too and all of my gear was gone

A boarding master picked me up his name was Shanghai Browne
I asked him would he take me on and he looked at me with a frown
The last time that you sailed with me you never chalked no score
I’ll take a chance, give you an advance, and send you to sea once more

So I shipped on board a clipper ship bound for the Arctic Sea
Where the cold winds blow mid the ice and snow and Jamaica rum would freeze
And worse to bear I’d no hard weather gear for I’d spent all my money no shore
It was then that I wished I was dead so I’d go to sea no more

Sometimes we’re catching the big sperm whales sometimes we’re catching none
A twenty-foot oar stuck in my paw and pulling the whole day long
When the daylights gone and the night comes on I rest upon my oar
Boys oh boys I wished I was dead or snug with the girls on the shore

Come all you bold sea-faring boys who listen to my song
When you come off them long long trips I’d have you not go wrong
Take my advice drink no strong drink don’t go drinking with them whores
Get married instead sleep in your own bed and go to sea no more