Nancy Spain

Barney Rush

Of all the stars that ever shone
C                G                   D
Not one does twinkle like your pale blue eyes
C              D                 G
Like golden corn at harvest time your hair
G                      C
Sailing in my boat the wind
G                  D
Gently blows and fills my sail
C             D              G
Your sweet-scented breath is everywhere

Daylight peeping through the curtain
Of the passing night time is your smile
And the sun in the sky is like your laugh
Come back to me my Nancy
Linger for just a little while
Since you left these shores I’ve known no peace nor joy


G                               C               D
No matter where I wander I’m still haunted by your name
D                D                G
The portrait of your beauty stays the same
G                               C
Standing by the ocean wondering where you’ve gone,
G             D
If you’ll return again
C      D             G
Where is the ring I gave to Nancy Spain

On the day in Spring when snows start to melt
And streams to flow
With the birds I’ll sing this song
Then in the while I’ll wander
Down by bluebell stream where wild flowers grow
And I’ll hope that lovely Nancy will return