Morrissey And The Russian Sailor

Author Unknown

Oh come all you true born Irishmen, wherever you may be
I hope you’ll pay attention and listen unto me
I’ll sing about a battle that took place the other day
Between a Russian sailor and gallant Morrissey

It was in Tierra Del Fuego in South America
The Russian challenged Morrissey these words to him did say
I hear you are a fighting man you wear the belt I see
Indeed I wish you would consent to have a fight with me

Up spoke Johnny Morrissey with heart both brave and true
I am a valiant Irishman that never was subdued
I can whack the Yankee, the Saxon, Bull or Bear
In honour of old Paddy’s land the laurels I’ll maintain

They shook hands and walked around the ring commencing then to fight
It filled each Irish heart with joy to behold the sight
The Russian he floored Morrissey up to the eleventh round
With Yankee, Saxon and Russian cheers the valley did resound

A minute and a half he lay before he could arise
The word it went around the field he’s dead rang out the cries
But Morrissey recovered and rising from the ground
From that up to the eighteenth the Russian he put down

The Irish offered ten to one that day upon the grass
No sooner said that taken and they covered all the cash
They parried away without delay up to the twentieth round
When Morrissey received a blow which brought him to the ground

Up to the thirty-second round ’twas fall and fall about
Which caused them Yankee tyrants to keep a sharp look out
The Russian called his seconds to pour a glass of wine
Begod sez Johnny Morrissey this battle will be mine

The thirty-seventh ended all when the Russian smelt a fart
When Morrissey with a dreadful blow struck the Russian on the heart
They sent for a physician to open up a vein
The doctor said ‘Tis useless, he will never fight again’

Our hero conquered Thompson, the Yankee clipper too
The Benica boy and Shepherd he also did subdue
Let us fill a flowing glass and here’s a health galore
To noble Johnny Morrissey who came from Templemore