Metropolitan Avenue

Noel Brazil

First Days in the loft I thought I might live,new faces new streets.

No cash in the hand was making me thing,what now? whats next?

Thats not to say I was’nt welcomed I was welcomed I was taken in.

I took the bait when I was hunted I was wretched I was freezing.


Metropolitan Avenue standing tall in the winter snow,I’ll be back with you before I go

Don’t run like a dog I know how it feels without heat without love.

Ran free in the park like Jekyll and Hyde, me and Pete, me and Pete.

Up half the night unwilling witness to some strangers feud.

Deep underground I hear the notes of some old gamblers blues.


This rose will never blossom now it needs light shining on its back.

this road will never take me out, I’ve been stopped in my tracks.

There goes the night and now the sun begins to filter through,

I took the bait when I was hunted I was wretched did’nt know that I was failing you


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I first met Noel Brazil when he came in and played support to Moving Hearts in the Baggott Inn in 1982.He was an extremely nervous performer and a brilliant songwriter. He recorded a number of albums before passing on- far too young.He was ill at ease with the world but I always loved to meet him.I sang another of his songs “Suffocate” in the Unfinished Revolution album and Mary Black has recorded many of his songs most notably “Ellis Island”




Capo up 2 or 3 (if playing with “Live at Vicar St” version)