Johnny Mulhearn


matty went out on a frozen night

makin for the pub shoulders hunched up tight

head down on the railroad track

and his old cow Delia sad lowin him back


he met with a dark and a troubled man

as he passed him by called back at him

hey matty cant you see whats become of me

in this country of the blind



the house i’ve left is dead to me

to my rhymin and my poetry

all i’ve got is the beat of the stagger

as i’m headin down the curra line



matty passedĀ  on as quick as he could

he could’nt stand such a crooked man sober

all he wanted was the lights of the bar

the nightingale and the wild rover




the fear an tĆ­ eyed him steadily

as he handed him a pint of porter

sayin you must have seen the bishops ghost tonight

to put the dry look back in your eye




matty would not be takin in

by their jibin and regalin

he found himself a fresh blown crew

and fell in with their sportin and their balin




as he was goin home in the very same spot

he met with his dark familiar

he seen him comin back down the road

he was bright and sharp and fine



as he passed him by matty threw out his arms

and tried to grab hold of his likeness

in the morning all we found was his frozen corpse

at the butt of the curra line



at the wake they were lashin out

the drops of brandy,the auld fashioned habit

in the church they were lashin out pounds and fivers

so matty would be fine in the old bye and bye

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I heard Johnny sing this song 25 years ago.The lyric I sing has changed a bit over the years. I have it on the “Ordinary man ” album of 1986.Johnny has also recordedĀ  the a versionĀ .This is one of my favouriteĀ  songs. Johnny also wrote”Continental Ceili” “Delaneys gone back on the wine” and many other fine song.