Little Beggarman

Author Unknown

I am a little beggarman and begging I have been
For three score or more down the little Isle of Green
I’m known from the Liffey way down to Killaloe
And the name that I go by is Auld Johnny Doo
Of all the trades a going sure beggin’ is the best
For when a man is tired he can sit down and rest
Beg for his supper when he’s nothing left to do
Except to slip around the corner with his auld rig-a-doo

I slept one night way down in Curraghbawn
‘Twas a wet damp night and I slept till the dawn
Holes in the roof and the rain was comin’ through
And the rats and the cats they were playin’ peek- a- boo
Who should I waken but the woman of the house
With her white spotted apron and her calico blouse
She began to frighten when I said how do you do
Don’t be afraid m’am, its only Johnny Doo

Over the road with me pack on me back
Over the road with me big heavy sack
Holes in me shoes and me toes peepin’ through
Sing skidderi dill doodle dam its only Johnny Doo
I must be going to bed its getting late at night
In goes the fire and out goes the light
Now you’ve heard the story of me aul’ rig-a-doo
Goodnight and God be with you sez aul Johnny Doo