Jesus Christ and Jesse James

Brian Moore

Will you come and listen to the story going round
How our Lord and Jesse James rode into Belfast Town
They stopped for a drink they stopped for a meal
Drinking whiskey, drinking wine they were feeling mighty fine
As they rode into Belfast through the hills of Ligoniel

Not a word was spoken as they travelled on their way
Until the came to the Falls and Jesse he did say
God I haven’t felt so good since I robbed the Glendale train
Our Lord he raised his head turned to Jesse and he said
I never thought I’d see the likes of Calvary again

They rode past the burnt out motorcars and the tangle of barbed wire
In a city built upon a swamp and baptised by fire
Our Lord was going to bless the place but a bullet pierced his hand
As the blood cam trickling down turned to Jesse with a frown
Looks like the old stigmata is infectious in this land

Our lord was riding a donkey; Jesse James was riding a mare
And they rode past the army tanks and never showed a care
Jesse on his fiddle played the victory at the Boyne
Jesus put his guitar down turned to Jesse with a frown
I don’t think you should play that tune when we’re passing through Ardoyne

On the top of Divis Mountain there stands a lonely tree
And children passing by there they stop and bend a knee
And men with hidden guns they make a silent vow
That the riots will stop the day the soldiers go away
Leave our Lord on Calvary and Jesse hanging from the bough