Jack Doyle (aka The Contender)

Jimmy MacCarthy

When I was young and I was in my day
I could steal what woman’s heart there was away
I’d sing and dance till morning blaze away until the dawning
Long before I was the man you see today

I was born beneath the star that promised all
I could have lived my life between Cork Cobh and Youghal
But the Wheel of Fortune took me from the highest point it shook me
By the bottle live by the bottle I will fall

But there in the mirror on the wall
I see the dream is fading
From the contender to the brawl
The Ring, The Rose, The Matador is raving

When I die I’ll die a drunk down on the street
You can count me out to 10 in clear defeat
Wrap the starry plough around me and let the piper’s air resound me
There I’ll rest until the Lord of Love I meet