God Woman

Christy Moore

Dm   Am   Dm   Am

Dm                      F                            Am
She spent seven days creating the World, the Sun, the Moon and Stars
Dm                          Am
And the Plough and the Milky-Way and Jupiter and Mars
Dm                               F                   Am
And she opened her ribcage. Then she pulled out a little man.
Dm                                                      Am
She put him down on the plains of Kildare and the human race began

F                             Am
Go forth said she and multiply God man and I will by God.
Dm                                  F                   Am
What better place to begin the race than below in the yellow Bog*


Dm         Am         Dm     F   Am
God Woman, God Woman, God Woman, God Woman

Dm                            F            Am
Down by the edge of Clongorey he built a holy cell
Dm                              Am
Where he knelt to contemplate heaven and drink from St. Brigids well.
Dm                                    F                Am
And then he went to the mission fields of Raheens and Ballitore
Dm                                    Am
And he sailed on down the Grand Canal to the town of Lollymore.
F                                         Am
Where he went breaking up the Bordellos, and smashing the poit�n stills.
Dm                       F                Am
Introducing the word of God around the furry hills


* The place was in fact Bowlings Gog at Barronstown, Miltown,
Newbridge, County Kildare

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tune the deep e from ‘e’ to ‘d’ down

Em   D    G
e-d   2    0    5
a-a   2    0    2
d-d   2    0    0
g-g   0    2    0
h-h   0    3    0
e-e   0    2    3

Dm   Am   Dm   Am