Everybody knew,Nobody said

Nigel Rolfe/Christy Moore

Everybody knew, nobody said.

A  week ago last Tuesday.

She was just fifteen years.

When she reached her full term.

She went to a grotto.

Just a field,

In The Middle of The Island.

To deliver herself.

Her Baby died,

She died

A week ago last Tuesday.

It was a sad, slow, stupid death for them both.

Everybody knew, nobody said.

At a Grotto

In a Field

In The Middle Of The Island

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Anne Lovett – may that child rest in peace, is an icon whose passing we should remember.
Her death showed up a  terrible but accurate picture of the society that we lived in, in which so many still wallow. 

I believe Nigel Rolfe’s lyric to be a monument to the passing of her innocent life.  There was a collective shame across the Island.  However, its shadow did not reach into the darkest corners where the righteous dwell.

Does anyone have a photo of Anne Lovett? My son wishes to create a shrine to her memory.




Sung accapella to a drone.