Dark end of the street

Dan Penn

At the dark end of the street

thats where we always meet

hiding in shadows where we don’t belong

living in darkness to hide our wrongs………You and me

time is going to take its toll

we’ll have to pay for the love we stole

its a sin and they say its wrong

oh! but our love has grown so strong… and me

they’re goin’ to find us

they’re goin’ to find us

some day, we’ll hide away

down the dark end of the street…you and me

And when the daylight comes around

by chance we are both downtown

if we should meet walk on by…hush baby don’t you cry

tonight we’ll meet down the dark end of the street,you and me.

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The Baggot Inn Dublin 1981.  Moving Hearts are playing in this smelly kip – three nights a week and it was a wild and wonderful time.  The hellhole was thronged every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night with the same gang of reprobates and some of ’em came all three nights (and not just the band either).

We would rehearse on the top floor on the afternoons of the gig days, people would roll in as best we could in various states of dishevelment – some neater than others.  Declan brought this song in one day and we had it up and running that night for we were always keen to get new noise into the set.  Keith Donald used to blow this gorgeous on the sax, it never failed to bring on the lump. We filmed it once, just me and Keith in the Baggott. It was on a film called Christy, anyone got it on dvd?








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