Bless This Guitar

Author: Peter Cadle

I’ve taken this road and I’ve chosen this view
The place is familiar the feeling is new
This old church lies in ruin from the wind and the rain
And I’ll rest my guitar on the stones that remain

Bless this guitar
To reach out
And touch who we are
Bless this guitar

From the mountain the sea looks as calm as a pool
The evening is welcome the night is cool
I’ll sit here for a while with the breeze in my hair
While the kestrels above are riding the air

Greeks and Romans have stopped to look over the bay
Byzantine travellers have passed on their way
Here and there now and then stones have slipped from the wall
And these are the changes this place can recall
I’ve loved this wild place its smells and its sounds
Been here as long as the stars all around
I know the path well I’ll find my way back
Just one more late traveller on this ancient track