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    September 2021

    Pearse Stadium, Salthill, Galway, August 26th 2021

    City of Chicago

    Quinte Brigada

    Ride On


    The Two Conneeleys

    Lingo Politico


    No Time For Love

    Missing You

    Delirium Tremens

    Ordinary man


    Tuam Beat

    Go Move Shift

    Black is The Colour

    Back Home in Derry

    Cliffs of Dooneen


    We had a glorious trip to Galway. just to be back out on the road was reward in itself. Michael Devine and I left early. We decided to leave the Motorway and travel West on the old road. That revived many memories from gigs of old. Arriving into Galway we encountered the usual traffic mayhem. Once again, I was shocked at the awfulness of what planners have done to Galway Harbour. Such an appalling act of desecration upon that beautiful City. We made it across The Corrib and into the sun drenched green of Pearse Stadium. Had a walk around the field and enjoyed a few pucks of the sliothar before sound check. For 18 months we have wondered would we ever get to work again. A joyful reunion with the road crew. Up on to the substantial stage erected in front of the main stand where 1200 would later gather, socially distanced. Guitars all checked, monitors in order and David tweaking a top shelf PA system. Back in my dressing room (usually reserved for the Galway Footballers and Hurlers) getting into my pre gig routine I heard Junior Brother warming up next door, so went in and had a chat with him. Hope to hear a lot more of his work in the future. The gig itself was amazing for me – such a welcome, such participation, I just tore into it and loved every minute of it.

    The Pavilion Theatre, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. September 1st 2021

    City of Chicago

    Quinte Brigada

    Gasún (abandoned)

    Black is The Colour (to the rescue)

    Welcome to the Cabaret

    Go Move Shift

    The Two Conneeleys

    Lingo Politico

    Flying into Mystery

    Farmer Michael Hayes

    Pity The Poor Immigrant

    Zozimus & Zimmerman


    North & South of The River

    Delirium Tremens

    All I Remember

    Magdalen Laundry


    Faithfull Departed


    The Reel in The Flickering Light

    Nancy Spain

    Ordinary Man

    A very different gig to last week. The Dun Laoghaire Folk Festival featured a series of gigs in my local Theatre, curated by Leagues O’Toole of Foggy Notions and Hugh Murray of the Pavilion Theatre. I was delighted to get the call as The Pavilion is only a couple of miles from my hall door. Limited to 50 listeners in a 350 seat auditorium it was a strange setting for both listener and performer but we got there in the end. We can but hope that we are on our way out of this recent debacle and that we have learned to respect the fragility of our existence on this beautiful planet.

    Both Galway and Dun Laoghaire gigs were run in conjunction with State bodies. Without state sponsorship and endorsement these gigs would not have happened. Many performers and Production crew members appreciated these opportunities to work again.

    Album News.

    I have completed an album which will be released in November. “Flying Into Mystery” features 12 tracks produced with Jim Higgins. I’ve never had so much uninterrupted time to devote to a recording. Over 15 months it came together in different locations as lockdown regulations changed from time to time. Most of it was recorded in The Sandymount Hotel. There we had access to a conference room which the crew transformed into an excellent recording facility. Further recordings took place in Derry and in Prosperous, Co Kildare. We are all satisfied with the result of our labours. It remains to be seen what you listeners make of it!!

    Gig News.

    We may have some gig news to share soon. Fingers crossed as we look forward with hope towards whatever lies ahead.

    Christy. 3rd September 2021

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    New Album

    Christy Chat

    Bloomsday. June 16th 2020…

    I send best wishes to you all out there. Time to touch base and share what’s going on here in the work room… It’s the first time I’ve had an empty diary since 1966, everything this year has been cancelled.  Like everyone else, I’ve no idea when venues might re-open and when gigs might re-commence.

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    Sleeve Notes

    "On The Road"

    Sleeve notes for "On The Road", Christy's new album, out November 17th

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